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I just adopted my new Canon EF S 10 22 ultra wide angle lens. This is one of the best lenses Canon, And is supposed to “Crop warning” television show DSLR. much more that later crop sernsor. My first thought right after frames “especially, this is very wide, It wrapps to My wedge,

Question for the day: Why shouuld I 10 22mm wide angle lens. I have already got an EF S 18 55 zoom, Which came with you Cnon X1i. So what is going to I do with the extra 8mm width on cheap wholesale jerseys wide angle shot. This 8mm just like football fielld, When I was shooting landscapes at a distance (you know, Maybe more or less not the football field, regrettably clodse).

Tehre is an urgent need for people that for landscape photographgy wide anglle lens. As it is clear in my landscapes, I tend to take very wide shos of mountains and red roicks in the front and the horizon at a distnace. I shot practically all of my laandscapes, including a 18mm lens on my T1i. This meas that we’re at 28.8mm filming 35mm value. genuinely bercause, T1i a camera crop factor sensor employing 1.6x.

Now I have to spellout things crop sensor. Suffcie it to say that tere are three interaction cultures sensors in the line of cameras from Canon, the actual sensaor, 1.3x and consequently 1.6x. This refers to the rtaio of the sensor (broaden chip, Which sees the particular and converts it into digitaal). Full sensor has the same dimensions as the 35 mm camera of history. Two cheap jerseys China ohter problems, in reality, A subset of the actual entire sewnsor and 35 mm film size. as prractical puproses, this means that a compltee snsor will see the entire football fild, 1.3x sensor would see during the 20 yard line and a factor of 1.6 will cpature inside the 30 yard lines. Now you Math majors it doesn’t hold me to the exact proportios, I just wanted to illustrate the concept.

Here is a list showiong that the Canpon canmera the location where the sensor:

rule EOS 1Ds, brand II and II (Full Frasme)

cannon EOS 5D and 5D, point II (Full chasis)

Canoon EOS 1D, image III, IV (1.3x Crop frame)

Canon a digital Rebel, T1i, XSI, XS (1.6x Crop photo frame)

rule EOS 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 7D (1.6x harvest Framme)

Now what does all this are locked up in me wishing, requiring, Yearning after a 10 22mm wide angle? now you know, This Jerseys For Cheap Affordable – Here are NFL NHL MLB NCAA lens will fit on my video camera (also, That takkes many years). You also be assured that the 10mm, The widets of wide angle is actuallly 16mm on my camera accompanying how it looks on a full frame camera. That is still very good and can take really, since the viws of thse red rocks, That I love abundance of.

What about the other aspects of the lens? All the reviewws I read show that it is a very good quality “Glaass, Canon appoints its top of line lenses the letter “t” throughout descripiton. in fact EF S 10 22 F/3.5 4.5 not carry “status L, The use of three aspherical elements and one SD component is a comon characteristic of the grade of the lens. My first firts shotts with the lens I was left believing of how clwear and sharp it is.

This quality of optical apparatus and is not a “competitive End, a person type of lens. Some expetrs feel that if it was not EF S type lens, It can certainly make a “expression L, But which is not suitable in terms of Pro DSLR (EOS 5D, 1Ds sries), Canon does not offer her “well-written” L dialogue. numerous, Not EF S lrenses develop “Desigation t” a long way.

EF S lenswes, evidently, Intended simply for use with APS C (1.6x) Sensor and Canon DSLRs currently only manually on the Mount Series Digital Rebel and EOS 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D 7D. EF S Desin allows the rear eleent to be closeer to the sensor, Then though using lens EF, Improe image exceptional, specifically in the shortest focal lengths. “S” In EF S can stand for “quick back focus” And now you know why.

there’s a lot of technical erasons, This lens may be for wide shots and landscapes. Surveys have shown that is very sharp and very fast, With auto put attention. On the negative side, I note that if you use this lens when lookiing at the man to close it will make them look as if they are stanidng in a circus show with a distorted mirror. This is clearly with those shots that are as wide as all outdoors.

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